The change in marketing in the era of Web 2.0 to Web 4.0

Why marketing is crucial?

Marketing is an important key to be successful in the business world.  Great product will never get attention if marketing is not good enough. This is a reason why marketers try to create unique marketing strategies to response their customer need in order to get market share. In recent year, the practices of marketing have been improved rapidly. This was caused by the development of technologies and internet networks. Let’s see the evolution of web and how they impact the marketing together!!!


Web 2.0 – the original of “Community Web”

In the era of Web 2.0 or the Read-Write-Publish era. It was developed from Web 1.0 that is the first generation of Web. Unlike Web 1.0 where people can only read, Web 2.0 provide a channel that people can read and response to each other as well. We can also publish everything we want on the web such as images, video, blog and so on. In practice. Web 2.0 is very useful. It helps us to know what the customers really want. For example, Thai restaurant promotes a new promotion on facebook fanpage. They convey the news to customers while customers can also comment what they think. Finally, the restaurant can be improved and adapted following the customer’s suggestions. I can say that Thai restaurant uses social networks as a tool to communicate with their customers wisely. However, Web 2.0 was widely used between 2000 and 2010. And then the technologies of digital networks have been enhanced continually by the web developer. They lead us to the era of Web 3.0 that is the third generation of web.

Web 3.0 – Semantic Network 

Web 3.0 is an intelligent web. It provides functions to collect enormous information efficiently and enables to understand the real meaning of the data that we put in. It can also link the relevant data together. The users would get a better experience when they want to search something on the website because it becomes easier. Function “Tag” on Instagram is a good example for this. When we want to share images on Instagram. We can use the hashtag to categorize a type of those pictures. Meanwhile, we can see other pictures from someone else who used the same hashtag. Because of the enhancement of Web 3.0, marketing has been developed again in order to touch customer need. A business firm can create their own strategies to extract benefits from the development of Web 3.0 such as creating some viral campaign and using the hashtag to promote the company. In the past few year, Ice bucket challenge campaign was extremely successful. The company used the hashtag #Icebucketchallenge to raise fund. It became a viral campaign and received attention worldwide. This can be a good example to show how the firm exploits advantages from technologies.

Web 3.0, Is it good enough?

I can say “No”. The improvement of digital technologies does not stop at this point. Web developers is still trying to improve the better and better web. In recent, Web 4.0 is a new concept. It will be adapted to match with the personal need of each customer. Furthermore, the digital network will become real time. However, Web 4.0 is still an idea which is not used in practice but I am sure that the marketing strategies will be different when Web 4.0 is coming!!! Do not forget to update your marketing strategies following the trend if you do not want to be an out-of-date firm. Do not ignore the technology if you still want to survive in the competitive world…..Good Luck

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9 thoughts on “The change in marketing in the era of Web 2.0 to Web 4.0

  1. Poy says:

    When I went to travel, I search resturant and resort from website . When I went to that place, I see the resort isn’t the best but this resort have good marketing.


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